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MicroMag Gun Magnet
No More Drilling Holes! 
MicroMag has an industrial 3M Tape that can hold up to 30lbs!
So... for the longest time I struggled with a convenient way to hide my gun in places that you wouldn’t really think to hide it..

Until I discovered the MicroMag Gun Magnets.
These things are so damn useful its insane.
I actually have a small problem..I have found so many unique places to stow my 9…now I have a gun in every room in my house PLUS no one knows because they are under tables, chairs, hidden in bookcases and drawers.
This is why the MicroMag is the best gun magnet in the world..
"Don't be fooled by cheap, low quality gun magnets, MicroMags are the Best!"
And here's why..
  • Extremely Compatible - Works with all brands And Firearm Types -- Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Glock, Colt, Kel Tec, Heckler & Koch, Browning, Walther, Taurus, Remington, Winchester, Mossberg, Beretta, Rossi, FN herstal --Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Concealed Carry, Magazines...
  • ​Extremely Protective Rubber Top - Many gun magnets on the market will scratch your prized possession! MicroMag has a "NoScratch" rubber top to keep your gun nice and safe from any magnet damage.
  • Super Sleek Design - Most gun magnets are big and bulky and make concealment super difficult! MicroMag can easily be used under a bedside, office, desk, garage, car, inside a safe, coffee table, bookshelf..
  • ​Extremely Strong -  Holds up to 30lbs! We've use it with a fully loaded Remington 870 shotgun!
  • Extremely Durable - Super durable magnetic construction made to last a lifetime!
  • Weatherproof - Use your MicroMag outdoors!
  • ​Out Of Sight - Easily mount your gun in places you never would've thought was possible.
  • ​Lifetime Warranty - If your MicroMag ever stops working..(this has never happened) but if it does we will replace it no questions asked!
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This strong little magnet is a great tool for placing a stash gun or two
By Derrick on Oct 18, 2017
"The product works as advertised, and I have already ordered another on to mount under the dash of my car. This strong little magnet is a great tool for placing a stash gun or two in places you ordinarily might not such a garage toolbox, under the kitchen table or yes, even a bathroom cabinet. The magnet claims to be able to hold up to 35lb, I didn’t try to put anywhere near that much weight on it, but it easily held every gun I placed on it including my Glock 9mm."
Buy one, you wont regret it!
By Brian on Aug 05, 2017
"I just recieved this magnet, and have to say i am thoroughly surprised by how strong it really is! I dont have a way to test it for 35 pounds, but i can say it holds my full size 1911, with a load d mag (by the flat side of the slide) I just put one in my truck for my carry .380, and shook the piss out of the door, and the gun didnt budge! The .45 on the other hand wiggles unless i wedge it under the arm rest. All in all, you get five stars. Good price, well made products, packaging was visually appealing and professional, haha buy one, you wont regret it!"
Small. Impressive. Excellent product.
By nopassn on Jul 25, 2017
"Smaller than I thought it'd be, which is good- opens up a variety of mounting locations. They say it'll hold 35 pounds, I didn't measure the weight, but it held everything I tested it with before mounting. Stellar product."
 Like a champ
By Jeff on Aug 01, 2017
**UPDATE** purposely drove down an old brick road. Filled with humps and bumps, potholes and mounds of coal-patch. It held my pistol perfectly!

Using this to support a M&P 9c with an extended mag using an Xgrip. The magnet contacts the pistol on the side of the slide and holds the loaded pistol and mag very well.
 I felt that it was the best width, length
By hmwvv on Nov 05, 2017
After looking at most of the magnet type mounts, I felt that it was the best width, length, thickness, and strength for my application, which is in the center console of a Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Mega Cab Cummins truck. I've installed it and it works perfectly, and as advertised. You can see in the pictures that the location puts the gun virtually in my hand as I drive with my forearm on the center console.
Strong enough for a full size Glock on bumpy road
By Jake Larosa on Aug 12, 2019
"I installed mine in a 2014 Ford Escape. I'm a lefty and I chose to mount it on the OBD access panel since it's a cheap and easy part to replace if needed. I first tried to used JBWeld epoxy, but it fell off after a few days. When screwing it on the plastic panel I found that I could only go with a horizontal arrangement to avoid the screws hitting the OBD hardware under the plastic. Even with a small magnet surface area, it was still strong enough to hold my Glock 19X with 17 rounds driving on pot hole filled Michigan roads. This magnet is has an impressive amount of adhesion."
MicroMag - my review
By M. Grubbs on May 10, 2017
I gave this a high rating - 5 stars - simply because of simple, yet effective design. I chose to mount it on the inner dash of my Jeep Wrangler using very strong industrial-grade 3M two-sided locking fasteners instead of the 4 drywall screws provided. Thus far, the fasteners seem to hold firmly. I've tested the hold strength using my Glock26 subcompact and Glock22 full sized weapons. I recommend this product. Regards, M.

Small, compact, simple design.
Very strong rare earth magnets.
Plastic cover prevents scratching of the surface.
Multiple mounting possibilities - auto / home / shop etc.

Non that I can see.

Persons looking for a secure means by which to mount or hold a weapon - or any metallic tool / object - which provides the user the ability to quickly mount and unmount without the trouble of laches.
Protects pistol from scratches
By Larry on Feb 05, 2019
This works good for mounting a gun. I installed on the lid of my console and it works good as long as the lid is closed easy, you can't close it like a crazy person, or some crazy lady.
Today's Deal - $39.00
We want to blow through our inventory so..
For the Next 2 Hours Get it For Only $19.99 FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING
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